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Welcome to the PORTFOLIUM GROUP real estate platform.

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Portfolium Predium Mediação Imobiliária

Portfolium Group

We want to permanently exceed expectations for the satisfaction of the service provided, so that expectations are always fulfilled.

Our standard is to provide personalized service, so that each beneficiary of our services will be approached in a particular way, making the management of their expectations fit into our matrix, so as to result in mutual commitment, because our purpose is to offer the greatest possibility of choice, for this there has to be rigor in the approach that we do, in a personalized way, and in the Management of expectations, rather than stimulating, creating or even exceeding expectations regarding "ownership", whatever it may be.

Portfolium Predium Mediação Imobiliária

Exclusive Services

As a service provider GROUP, in the real estate area, we provide a personalized way to accompany the different, and sometimes complex, necessary steps, so that all the processes entrusted to us, after entering the portfolio, are fully instructed , rigorously verified by our Lawyers, ready for the next act, regardless of what it is, licensing, sale, purchase, lease, etc.



    Apartado 1659
    EC Pedro Hispano
    4109-008 Porto



    +351 965 082 606

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