Welcome to Miami’s most exciting up-and-coming neighborhood.

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Welcome to Miami’s most exciting up-and-coming neighborhood.
Located at the nexus of the citys most creative, culturally rich neighborhoods,
East Edgewater speaks to the passion for art and the embrace of the carefree,
casually luxurious good life that are at the core of the Missoni philosophy.

All plans, features and amenities depicted herein are based upon preliminary development plans, and are subject to change without notice in the
manner provided in the offering documents. No guarantees or representations whatsoever are made that any plans, features, amenities or facilities
will be provided or, if provided, will be of the same type, size, location or nature as depicted or described herein. The sketches, renderings, graphics
materials, plans, specifications, terms, conditions and statements contained in this brochure are proposed only, and the Developer reserves the right
to modify, revise or withdraw any or all of the same in its sole discretion and without prior notice. All improvements, designs and construction are subject
to first obtaining the appropriate federal, state and local permits and approvals for same. These drawings and depictions are conceptual only and
re for the convenience of reference. They should not be relied upon as representations, express or implied, of the final detail of the residences.
The developer expressly reserved the right to make modifications, revisions and changes it deeded desirable in its sole and absolute discretion.
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